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Facebook rolls out its Watch video service worldwide

Engadget - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:50
Facebook launched Watch last year in the US as a platform for episodic TV content, and now it's going international. The social media company announced that the VOD service will be "available everywhere" as of now, giving creators around the world an...

Yahoo, Bucking Industry, Scans Emails for Data To Sell Advertisers

SlashDot - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:30
The U.S. tech industry has largely declared it is off limits to scan emails for information to sell to advertisers. Yahoo still sees the practice as a potential gold mine. From a report: Yahoo's owner, the Oath unit of Verizon Communications has been pitching a service to advertisers that analyzes more than 200 million Yahoo Mail inboxes and the rich user data they contain, searching for clues about what products those users might buy, said people who have attended Oath's presentations as well as current and former employees of the company. Oath said the practice extends to AOL Mail, which it also owns. Together, they constitute the only major U.S. email provider that scans user inboxes for marketing purposes.

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Acer's Predator Thronos is a cockpit masquerading as gaming chair

Engadget - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:30
Who needs a desk when you can just sit back in a recliner and surround yourself with monitors? That's the basic idea behind Acer's Predator Thronos gaming chair. It looks less like a piece of furniture and more like something you'd find in an arcade....

Acer's new Windows Mixed Reality headset has detachable parts

Engadget - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:30
Acer has launched a new Windows 10 Mixed Reality headset at IFA 2018, and the manufacturer says it has a unique detachable design that's a first in the category. Called the OJO 500, the model features detachable components: to be precise, its lens an...

Acer's Chromebook 514 touts metal-and-glass design for $350

Engadget - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:30
If you want a Chromebook made with premium materials and design instead of creaky plastic, that usually means spending extra on performance you don't necessarily need. Acer, at least, is trying to offer better quality without inflating the cost. Its...

California becomes second US state to commit to clean energy - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:25
Lawmakers passed a bill Tuesday to move California completely off fossil fuels by 2045.

PlayStation Vue adds 200 more local broadcasters in time for fall TV

Engadget - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:16
The price for PlayStation Vue may be a bit higher than it used to be, but in quite a few markets it just added more local broadcast channels, which is particularly worthwhile since subscribers can no longer opt out of them to save a few bucks. Sony a...

Influence campaign from Iran is really huuuuge, report says - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:09
Our problem with fake accounts is much bigger than we thought.

AEG ComfortLift dishwasher feature tells you if you're eco-friendly - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2018-08-29 05:01
If you're killing the planet, this dishwasher will make sure you know about it.

Microsoft is about to announce Xbox All Access subscription

TechCrunch - Mon, 2018-08-27 11:04

Microsoft published a news item announcing Xbox All Access on the Xbox blog and then unpublished it. But multiple news outlets spotted the article before Microsoft could take the post down. So now that the cat is out of the bag, it looks like Microsoft’s new hardware and software subscription is real.

There have been rumors over the past few weeks that Microsoft was planning to announce a new subscription. Today’s announcement lines up with those rumors. Microsoft is launching Xbox All Access in the U.S., which includes a console, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

You get to choose between an Xbox One S for $22 per month or an Xbox One X for $35 per month. After paying for 24 months, the subscription stops and the console is yours. You can then choose to keep paying for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass or you can cancel your subscriptions — it’s your console after all.

So let’s do the math. You can currently buy an Xbox One S for around $299. Xbox Live Gold lets you play multiplayer games and access free games for $60 per year. The Xbox Game Pass lets you download and play games from a library of 100+ games for $9.99 per month — it’s a sort of Spotify for video games.

If you buy a console and subscribe for two years, you’ll end up paying around $659. An Xbox All Access subscription lets you save around $130. If you already planned on subscribing to those two services, it sounds like a good deal. If you didn’t really care about Xbox Game Pass, you’ll end up paying more than buying a console the normal way.

The Xbox One X currently costs around $499. If you add two years of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, the bottom line is $859. Two years of Xbox All Access with the Xbox One X costs $840. So it’s not that good a deal if you’re interested in the Xbox One X.

With this new offering, Microsoft shows that it wants to shift its gaming strategy to subscriptions. Buying a console every few years isn’t as lucrative as buying an all-in-one Xbox subscription. Subscriptions increase customer loyalty and create predictable recurring revenue.

More importantly, gaming consoles won’t stick around forever. At some point, games will run on expensive servers in the cloud and you’ll subscribe to a service. Rumor has it that Microsoft is already getting ready to launch a low-powered system to stream games from the cloud. This is what Microsoft is thinking about with Xbox All Access.