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Dementia in Prison Is Turning into an Epidemic: The U.S. Penal System Is Badly Unprepared

10 hours 56 min ago

Older prisoners will make up a third of the prison population in a decade, and many of them will develop dementia

NASA's DART Spacecraft Successfully Smacks a Space Rock--Now What?

Mon, 2022-09-26 19:16

The DART spacecraft has purposefully crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos, hopefully changing its orbit by a few minutes, in a milestone test of future planetary defense techniques

NASA's DART Mission Could Help Cancel an Asteroid Apocalypse

Mon, 2022-09-26 14:00

Our planet is vulnerable to thousands of “city-killer” space rocks. If—when—one is found on a collision course with Earth, will we be ready to deflect it?

Oceans' Worth of Water Hidden Deep in Earth, Ultra Rare Diamond Suggests

Mon, 2022-09-26 11:00

A diamond contains the only known sample of a mineral from Earth’s mantle—and hints at oceans’ worth of water hidden deep within our planet

'New Execution Method Touted as More 'Humane,' But Evidence Is Lacking'

Fri, 2022-09-23 12:45

A legal battle over nitrogen hypoxia, a new potential method of execution, raises ethical questions

The Purpose of Dolphins' Mysterious Brain Net May Finally Be Understood

Thu, 2022-09-22 15:45

Dolphins and whales experience a lot of pressure while swimming, and a “wonderful net” of blood vessels may protect their brain, new research shows

Sparkly Image of Neptune's Rings Comes into View from JWST

Thu, 2022-09-22 10:00

See a stunning new view of Neptune’s rings and oddball moon Triton from the James Webb Space Telescope

Quantum Tech Titans Win Breakthrough Prize in Physics

Thu, 2022-09-22 09:00

This year’s Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics honors some of the pioneers of quantum information science

The First Lady of Engineering: Lost Women of Science Podcast, Season 3, Episode 1

Thu, 2022-09-22 08:00

Yvonne Y. Clark, known as YY throughout her career, had a lifetime of groundbreaking achievements as a Black female mechanical engineer. Season 3 begins at the start of her story, during her unconventional childhood in the segregated South.

People of Color with Long COVID Face Uphill Battle to Be Heard

Thu, 2022-09-22 07:30

Medical discrimination and a lack of data make it difficult for people of color to get help for post-COVID problems

JWST's First Exoplanet Images Forecast a Bright Future

Thu, 2022-09-22 06:45

The James Webb Space Telescope’s snapshots of a giant world orbiting another star show that the observatory is performing even better than expected and that its best exoplanet images are yet to come

Vultures Prevent Tens of Millions of Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Each Year

Tue, 2022-09-20 07:30

Vultures get a bad reputation for their carrion-scavenging ways, but their dietary habits prevent the release of greenhouse gases

NASA's Artemis Delays Fuel Controversy over Rocket Design

Tue, 2022-09-20 06:45

The first test flight of the space agency’s Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft is plagued by delays decades in the making

The FCC Is Finally Taking Space Junk Seriously

Mon, 2022-09-19 07:30

A new potential rule from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission would set a five-year deadline for defunct satellites to be removed from space

Moral Injury Is an Invisible Epidemic That Affects Millions

Mon, 2022-09-19 06:45

A specific kind of trauma results when a person’s core principles are violated during wartime or a pandemic

Your Questions about the New COVID Booster Shots, Answered

Fri, 2022-09-16 08:00

New COVID booster vaccines built for the latest variants are here and should be more effective. But there are still some unknowns

A Massive LinkedIn Study Reveals Who Actually Helps You Get That Job

Fri, 2022-09-16 07:30

Acquaintances, more than close friends, show the strength of “weak ties” when it comes to employment

How California Kept the Lights On during Monster Heat Wave

Fri, 2022-09-16 06:45

A combination of rapid growth in battery storage and efforts to reduce power demand helped California avoid blackouts during an intense heat wave

The Oldest 3-D Heart from Our Vertebrate Ancestors Has Been Discovered

Thu, 2022-09-15 14:00

Fish fossils from Western Australia preserve the oldest 3-D hearts, livers, stomachs and intestines in a jawed vertebrate

Most Pets Can't Sweat: Here's What You Can Do for Them in a Heat Wave 

Thu, 2022-09-15 06:45

Austrian veterinarian Michael Leschnik explains why high temperatures put a strain on pets. Pugs, bulldogs and Persian cats have a particularly tough time