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Avocado Vegan Mattress Review 2024: A Vegan, Natural and Certified Organic Bed - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 15:00
Avocado mattresses are well known for being natural, organic and sustainably made. However, many of its beds use wool, which is a turnoff to lifestyle vegans. To fix this, Avocado created the Avocado Vegan mattress.

The Business of Winding Down Startups is Booming

SlashDot - Fri, 2024-03-01 14:20
Startup wind-down services are seeing rapid growth as failed startups look for help shutting down. Pitchbook: On the phone with a founder who recently wound down his seed-stage software startup, I asked him what his plan was next. Having laid off all of his employees in autumn of last year, he was the last man standing: tasked with the thankless job of shutting down the company, returning capital, and dealing with tax documents. To handle the bureaucracy, the founder used Sunset, one of the companies that sprung up last year to respond to the burgeoning industry of failed startups. In a sign of the times, such wind-down startups are growing rapidly. Sunset saw 9x quarter-over-quarter revenue growth and a 65% monthly customer growth rate between November 2023 and January 2024. Competitor SimpleClosure, which closed a $4 million seed round this month led by Infinity Ventures, has passed the $1 million mark in annualized revenue and also recorded a monthly growth rate of over 50% in the same period. Since its public launch in September, the startup's revenue has increased more than 14x. Even larger startups are interested in the additional help. "We've now had multiple companies that have become customers that have raised tens of millions [in venture funding]," said Dori Yona, co-founder and CEO of SimpleClosure. In early February, equity management platform Carta joined the bandwagon: CEO Henry Ward announced in a blog post a new startup shutdown service, Carta Conclusions. "[T]he work of dissolving a company is exceptionally unpleasant. It is also, by definition, zero-value to the founder, the company, and the world," Ward wrote. Carta's entrance could disrupt its competitors, given its existing relationships with a large customer base of startups and access to internal startup data on cap table management, which could help it to accurately target prospects. Founders never want to think about the possibility of failure, but the vast majority of startups never make it to a successful liquidity event.

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Save Up to 27% Off Ecobee Smart Home Devices and Accessories Today - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 14:19
If you've been on the fence about picking up a new Ecobee smart sensor, camera or thermostat, now is the time to act.

Learn Cybersecurity Skills With These 4 Online Courses - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 14:00
These four online courses offered by Coursera, Udemy and The Great Courses will get you started or advance your skills in a cybersecurity career. Learn the essentials of cybersecurity and check them out!

Nikon and NASA Are Putting a Mirrorless Camera on the Moon

SlashDot - Fri, 2024-03-01 13:40
Nikon is working with NASA to make a mirrorless camera that astronauts will use during the agency's incoming Artemis III mission to document their return to the Moon. From a report: On Thursday, NASA announced that it had entered a Space Act agreement with Nikon to develop the Handheld Universal Lunar Camera (HULC), a camera system designed to capture imagery in low light and survive the harsh lunar environment. The crewed Artemis III mission -- which will launch "no earlier than September 2026" -- aims to explore the lunar south pole, a region of the Moon that contains water ice within permanently shadowed craters. That makes it an area of scientific interest, but the extreme lighting and temperature conditions pose particular technical challenges for operating equipment within the lunar south pole region. Nikon's full-frame Z9 flagship has already been used in thermal, vacuum, and radiation testing before the agreement, with a modified version of the camera forming the base of the HULC system alongside Nikkor lenses. The HULC design also implements thermal blankets designed by NASA to protect the camera from dust and extreme temperatures and modified electrical components to minimize potential issues caused by radiation. A custom grip with modified buttons has been used to make it easier for suited crew members to operate the camera system while wearing gloves.

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What Surprised Me in Apple's Vision Pro Store Demo - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 13:18
[Commentary] Apple's test drive experience not only entertains -- it gives a sense of ownership. Here's what to expect if you get a demo.

Russia Acknowledges Continuing Air Leak From Its Segment of Space Station

SlashDot - Fri, 2024-03-01 13:01
Russian space officials have acknowledged a continuing air leak from the Russian segment of the International Space Station, but said it poses no danger to its crew. From a report: The Roscosmos state corporation said that specialists were monitoring the leak and the crew "regularly conducts work to locate and fix possible spots of the leak." It said in a statement carried by Russian news agencies: "There is no threat to the crew or the station itself." Joel Montalbano, Nasa's station project manager, had noted on Wednesday that the leak in the Russian segment has increased but emphasised that it remained small and posed no threat to the crew's safety or vehicle operations. As the space outpost is ageing, the crew has to spend more time to repair and maintain it, Roscosmos said. Russian space officials first reported a leak in the Zvezda module in August 2020 and later that year Russian crew members located what they believed was its source and tried to fix it. In November 2021, another potentially leaky spot was found in a different part of the Russian section of the station. Roscosmos and Nasa have said the leak posed no danger to the crew and did not affect operations on the station. There have been other glitches. In October, coolant leaked from an external backup radiator for Russia's new science lab, Nauka, although its main thermal control system was working normally and space officials said the crew and the station were not in danger.

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Last Call to Get Personal Training With the Jillian Michaels Fitness App for Just $150 - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 12:28
You can snag a massive discount on lifetime access to The Fitness App, which is filled with expert advice on custom workouts and diet plans, but time is running out.

Apple Backtracks on Removing EU Home Screen Web Apps in iOS 17.4

SlashDot - Fri, 2024-03-01 12:21
Apple is reversing its previous decision to remove support for Home Screen web apps in iOS 17.4 for EU users. Apple's statement: Previously, Apple announced plans to remove the Home Screen web apps capability in the EU as part of our efforts to comply with the DMA. The need to remove the capability was informed by the complex security and privacy concerns associated with web apps to support alternative browser engines that would require building a new integration architecture that does not currently exist in iOS. We have received requests to continue to offer support for Home Screen web apps in iOS, therefore we will continue to offer the existing Home Screen web apps capability in the EU. This support means Home Screen web apps continue to be built directly on WebKit and its security architecture, and align with the security and privacy model for native apps on iOS. Developers and users who may have been impacted by the removal of Home Screen web apps in the beta release of iOS in the EU can expect the return of the existing functionality for Home Screen web apps with the availability of iOS 17.4 in early March.

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Still Haven't Got Your Real ID? Here's the Deadline to Have It When Flying - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 12:15
Domestic flights will require a Real ID or a passport to fly. Here's what you need to know.

Smart Glasses and AI Badges: All the Ways AI Appeared at MWC 2024 - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 12:00
ChatGPT and generative AI continue to dominate the tech industry, so it's no surprise that AI showed up at Mobile World Congress.

Bring the Gym to You With Up to $700 Off Bowflex Fitness Equipment - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 11:58
Snag discounts on treadmills, exercise bikes, adjustable dumbbells and more to help you overhaul your home gym for less so you can workout on your schedule.

Get the Perfect Screen Size for Your Home - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 11:44
2024 TVs hit shelves soon, and last year's TVs will be discounted. If you're in the market for a new TV, you can probably get a larger one than you think.

HP Wants You To Pay Up To $36/Month To Rent a Printer That It Monitors

SlashDot - Fri, 2024-03-01 11:41
HP launched a subscription service this week that rents people a printer, allots them a specific amount of printed pages, and sends them ink for a monthly fee. From a report: HP is framing its service as a way to simplify printing for families and small businesses, but the deal also comes with monitoring and a years-long commitment. Prices range from $6.99 per month for a plan that includes an HP Envy printer (the current model is the 6020e) and 20 printed pages. The priciest plan includes an HP OfficeJet Pro rental and 700 printed pages for $35.99 per month. HP says it will provide subscribers with ink deliveries when they're running low and 24/7 support via phone or chat (although it's dubious how much you want to rely on HP support). Support doesn't include on or offsite repairs or part replacements. The subscription's terms of service (TOS) note that the service doesn't cover damage or failure caused by, unsurprisingly, "use of non-HP media supplies and other products" or if you use your printer more than what your plan calls for. HP calls this an All-In-Plan; if you subscribe, the tech company will be all in on your printing activities. One of the most perturbing aspects of the subscription plan is that it requires subscribers to keep their printers connected to the Internet. HP seeks two-year subscriber commitments, charging up to $270 plus taxes if canceled early.

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Eero 6 Plus Review: Now That's More Like It - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 11:21
Editors' Choice: Eero's Wi-Fi 6 mesh router reliably delivers gigabit speeds without breaking the bank.

Loom & Leaf Mattress Review: Our Honest Review - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 11:00
Brought to you by Saatva, the Loom & Leaf mattress is a premium all-foam bed that's great for stomach and back sleepers. Here are our thoughts.

Earn Up to 185K Points With Some of the Best Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card Offers We've Seen - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 11:00
If you've started planning for spring travel, these cards could help cover some of the cost.

Best Immersion Blenders for 2024 - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 11:00
Once you start using one of the best immersion blenders, you'll be wondering why it took you so long to buy one.

Number of Government Agencies Have Concerns About 'Sideloading' on iPhone, Apple Says

SlashDot - Fri, 2024-03-01 11:00
A number of government agencies in the European Union and elsewhere have voiced concerns about security risks as Apple opens up its iPhones and iPads to rival app stores to comply with EU tech rules, Apple said on Friday. From a report: Under the Digital Markets Act, from March 7 Apple will be required to offer alternative app stores on iPhones and allow developers to opt out of using its in-app payment system, which charges fees of up to 30%. The U.S. tech giant, which on Jan. 24 detailed the changes to bring its App Store in line with the EU rules, said "sideloading" has sparked concerns from both EU and non-EU government agencies and users.

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Save 50% on KitchenAid's Hand Blender Today and Make Fluffier Mashed Potatoes Tomorrow - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2024-03-01 10:52
We tested nine hand blenders. Our favorite cordless model is currently half off, down to just $50.