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Save Up to 53% On New and Used Samsung Devices at Woot - CNET

CNET News - 1 hour 26 min ago
Save on phones, laptops, tablet, smartwatches and more while supplies last.

Curiosity Mars Rover Gets 50% Speed Boost From Software Update

SlashDot - 1 hour 28 min ago
The navigation strategy of NASA's Curiosity rover means it has to stop frequently to check its position, but soon a software update will allow it to move almost continuously. From a report: A new software update will soon give NASA's Curiosity Mars rover a 50 per cent speed boost, allowing it to cover a greater distance and complete more science. But the update very nearly didn't happen because of a mysterious bug in the software that eluded engineers for years. Curiosity, which landed on Mars 10 years ago this month, has already greatly outlived its planned two-year lifespan.

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Shop Big Discounts On Glorious and Altec Lansing Gaming Gear at Woot - CNET

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Save up to 76% on keyboards, mice, headsets and more.

This 2-Day Sale at Fleur & Bee Offers 50% Off Skin Care Sitewide - CNET

CNET News - 1 hour 38 min ago
One of my favorite budget brands is on sale with all the skin care you need to transition to colder weather.

Logitech Chorus Upgrades Quest 2 VR audio for $100 - CNET

CNET News - 1 hour 46 min ago
The headstrap add-on's an alternative to BYO headphones.

Best iPad Deals: Latest iPad and iPad Mini at All-Time Low Prices - CNET

CNET News - 1 hour 48 min ago
You'll find big discounts at Amazon and Target right now on all of Apple's tablets.

Streaming Services Deal With More Subscribers Who 'Watch, Cancel and Go'

SlashDot - 2 hours 6 min ago
It is gradually getting tougher for streaming-video companies to hold on to their subscribers, as consumers who are flooded with options weed out services they don't need at any given time. From a report: Some 19% of subscribers to premium services -- a group that includes Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV+, HBO Max and Disney+, among others -- canceled three or more subscriptions in the two years up to June, according to new data from subscriber-measurement firm Antenna. That is up from 6% in the two-year stretch ended in June 2020. The average rate of monthly customer defections among premium services in the U.S. was 5.46% in July, up from 4.46% a year ago and 4.05% in July 2020, according to Antenna. Many households signed up for multiple streaming services a few years ago as options in the marketplace proliferated, subscription prices were lower and the pandemic boosted demand for in-home entertainment. Slowly but surely, they have gotten more choosy and frugal. Some consumers cancel subscriptions when they finish a hit series on a service, then switch to another that has something else compelling.

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Meta Reveals Strategy for 2022 Midterm Elections - CNET

CNET News - 2 hours 7 min ago
With US midterms approaching, the company unveiled its framework on its security measures and restricting misinformation.

Save Up to 50% on New Home Decor Styles at Urban Outfitters - CNET

CNET News - 2 hours 10 min ago
Get boho, casual and sporty home styles for less during this limited-time deal.

15 Best Food Sources of Zinc - CNET

CNET News - 2 hours 13 min ago
Zinc is a mineral that's essential for many bodily functions. Here are the best foods that are high in zinc.

DeWalt Tools and Accessories Are Discounted Up to 54% Today - CNET

CNET News - 3 hours 12 min ago
This one-day deal offers savings on electric sanders, cordless drills, impact drivers and more.

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Review: Marvel's Latest Is Smart but Underwhelming - CNET

CNET News - 3 hours 13 min ago
Tatiana Maslany is a solid lead in a flimsy stab at comedy from Marvel.

Mortgage Interest Rates Today for Aug. 17, 2022: Important Rate Eases - CNET

CNET News - 3 hours 13 min ago
Today, mortgage rates moved in opposite directions, but one benchmark rate shrank. If you're in the market for a home loan, see how your future mortgage payments could be affected by interest rate hikes.

Mortgage Refinance Rates for Aug. 17, 2022: One Rate Retreats - CNET

CNET News - 3 hours 13 min ago
Refinance rates were mixed, but one key rate trended down. See how the Fed's interest rate hikes could affect refinancing your home this year.

Newly Discovered Molecule Fights Off Over 300 Kinds of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

SlashDot - 3 hours 13 min ago
schwit1 shares a report from ScienceAlert: The molecule is called fabimycin, and further down the line it could be used to fight off some of the most stubborn infections that humans can get. The new potential treatment targets gram-negative bacteria, a group of hard-to-kill pathogens that are commonly behind infections of the urinary tract, lungs, and even the bloodstream. Their resilience is due to a protective outer membrane that helps shield the wall from damaging substances like antibiotics. One study at an English hospital found more than a third of individuals with gram-negative bacteria blood infections had died within a year, demonstrating the challenges involved in managing these robust microbes. Fabimycin overcomes these problems by passing through the outer cell layer, avoiding the pumps that remove foreign material to allow the molecule to accumulate where it can do the most harm. The substance also manages to avoid wiping out too many healthy bacteria, another issue with current treatments. The team started off with an antibiotic that was known to be effective against gram-positive bacteria and made several structural changes to give the molecule the power to infiltrate gram-negative strains' powerful defenses. In tests, fabimycin had an effect on more than 300 types of drug-resistant bacteria. What's more, in mice models it was shown to reduce levels of harmful bacteria in mice with pneumonia or urinary tract infections to where they were pre-infection. The research has been published in the journal ACS Central Science.

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How NASA Is Bringing Mars Rocks (and Martian Atmosphere) to Earth - CNET

CNET News - 4 hours 13 min ago
In just over a decade, scientists will get their hands on their first ever pieces of Mars, collected by the Perseverance rover and ferried back by a team of robots, two helicopters and a rocket.

Disney Streaming Price Hike: How to Get the Best Deal With and Without Ads - CNET

CNET News - 5 hours 13 min ago
Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN all get price increases soon. Here's how to choose your new subscription.

Best Albums to Own on Vinyl - CNET

CNET News - 5 hours 13 min ago
Whether you're buying records as a gift or for your own collection, these are the 20 of the best-sounding albums, according to CNET.

From She-Hulk to Black Panther, 12 Marvel Movies That Never Made It - CNET

CNET News - 5 hours 14 min ago
Years before the MCU, George Clooney, Wesley Snipes and Tom Selleck came close to being superheroes.