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UK Cybersecurity Executives Plead Guilty To Hacking A Rival Firm

SlashDot - 51 min 8 sec ago
An anonymous reader writes: "Five employees from cybersecurity firm Quadsys have admitted to hacking into a rival company's servers to allegedly steal customer data and pricing information," ZDNet is reporting. After a series of hearings, five top-ranking employees "admitted to obtaining unauthorised access to computer materials to facilitate the commission of an offence," including the company's owner, managing director, and account manager. Now they're facing 12 months in prison or fines, as well as additional charges, at their sentencing hearing in September. The headline at ZDNet gloats, "Not only did the Quadsys staff reportedly break into servers, they were caught doing it."

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The Road to Philly: DNC delegates turn to crowdfunding - CNET

CNET News - 2 hours 25 min ago
Like their candidates, delegates to the convention are turning to the internet and social media to help raise money.

Star Trek's 50th Anniversary Celebrated at Comic-Con

SlashDot - 2 hours 51 min ago
An anonymous Slashdot reader writes: Leonard Nimoy's 59-year-old son released a trailer for his upcoming documentary, For The Love Of Spock. CBS released a video teaser for their upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series. And Schmaltz brewery released a "Trouble With Tribbles" beer. It was all part of the festivities celebrating the 50th anniversary of CBS's original Star Trek series at this year's Comic-Con festival in San Diego, which culminated with an all-star panel of actors from previous Star Trek TV series. William Shatner, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, and Scott Bakula all reminisced on the phenomenon of the show's fan culture, with Dorn telling the audience that Apple's iPad was inspired by Star Trek technology. And Brent Spiner told the audience, "We're in a time now where identity is under attack... Politicians could learn from Star Trek."

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Valve Threatens Counter Strike Gambling Sites

SlashDot - 6 hours 51 min ago
An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes a report from HNGN: Game maker Valve is threatening to shut down sites dedicated to gambling with add-ons to its popular Counter Strike game. On Thursday the company sent cease and desist letters to 23 sites, demanding that gambling operations be stopped, and that the sites had 10 days to comply. The row revolves around the software overlays that change the appearance of the characters people play in Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and the weapons and other virtual items. Last week the company reiterated that its user agreements ban external sites from asking users to connect their Steam accounts in order to trade items for real money. The company added that it would use "all available remedies" against sites that did not stop players using virtual goods to gamble. Bloomberg reports that in June a class action lawsuit was filed against Valve "for its role in the multibillion-dollar gambling economy that has fueled the game's popularity" -- by a man who had been gambling on the site since 2014. This was followed in July by a second class action lawsuit by a mother on behalf of her son, reports ESPN. "The case alleges that the Valve knowingly allows and profits from teenagers participating in illegal, unregulated and underage gambling of in-game cosmetic weapon skins through third-party sites."

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Newest X-Men entry 'Legion' is a...brainscrambler - CNET

CNET News - 9 hours 39 min ago
And it looks like it might rock our world.

'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' gets modern feel, lock, stock and throne - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 23:36
In his signature style, director Guy Ritchie reimagines the legend of King Arthur as a rough-around-the-edges bloke who just wants what's rightfully his -- the throne.

Can Iris-Scanning ID Systems Tell the Difference Between a Live and Dead Eye?

SlashDot - Sat, 2016-07-23 23:35
the_newsbeagle writes: Iris scanning is increasingly being used for biometric identification because it's fast, accurate, and relies on a body part that's protected and doesn't change over time. You may have seen such systems at a border crossing recently or at a high-security facility, and the Indian government is currently collecting iris scans from all its 1.2 billion citizens to enroll them in a national ID system. But such scanners can sometimes be spoofed by a high-quality paper printout or an image stuck on a contact lens. Now, new research has shown that post-mortem eyes can be used for biometric identification for hours or days after death, despite the decay that occurs. This means an eye could theoretically be plucked from someone's head and presented to an iris scanner. The same researcher who conducted that post-mortem study is also looking for solutions, and is working on iris scanners that can detect the "liveness" of an eye. His best method so far relies on the unique way each person's pupil responds to a flash of light, although he notes some problems with this approach.

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Guardians of the Galaxy are set to breakout of Disney's California Adventures - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 22:46
Disney is getting its own, special "bunch of a-holes" in real life.

Marvel reveals more mysteries in new 'Doctor Strange' trailer - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 22:44
See Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme using magic to tackle mayhem caused by a supernatural enemy.

Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o join 'Black Panther' cast - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 21:52
Jordan, Nyong'o and Danai Gurira join Marvel's "Black Panther" cast alongside Chadwick Boseman. Learn more about their characters in a new featurette. Plus, a new logo.

Star Trek's William Shatner on Leonard Nimoy: 'He was my brother' - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 21:46
At San Diego Comic-Con, the man who played Capt. Kirk opens up about his friendship with the man who played Mr. Spock.

Two new Sonic games seek to recapture the glory days - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 21:36
Sonic Mania, announced at Comic-Con, focuses on reimagining classic levels, while a new Sonic adventure features both retro and modern versions of Sonic.

Phones Without Headphone Jacks Are Here... and They're Extremely Annoying

SlashDot - Sat, 2016-07-23 21:35
A few weeks ago, we had an intense discussion on what would happen if Apple's next iPhone doesn't have a headphone port -- and what that means for the rest of the industry, as well as the pros and cons of ditching the legacy port. Over the past few months, we have seen many smartphone manufacturers launch new handsets that don't have a headphone jack. Mashable has a report today in which it says that it is already causing frustration among users. From the article: In the Android camp, phones like Lenovo's Moto Z and Moto Z Force and China's LeEco have already scrapped the 3.5mm headphone jack; to listen to music on the company's three latest phones, users need to plug in USB Type-C headphones, go wireless, or use a dongle. I'm all for letting go of old technologies to push forward, but what is happening is actually going to make things worse. The headphone jack has worked for 50 years and it can work for another 50 more because it's universal. Headphones I plug into my iPhone work in an Android phone, in a BlackBerry, in my computer, in my PS4 controller, in my tablet, in any speaker with audio-out, and so on. I can walk into any electronics store and pick up a pair of headphones and not have to worry about compatibility with any of my devices. I know it'll work. [...] With a universal headphone jack, I never have to worry whether or not the crappy pack-in iPhone EarPods I have will work with the Android phone I'm reviewing or not. I also never have to worry if I'll be able to plug my headphones into a friend's phone to listen to some new song. Same applies for when I want to use my earbuds and headphones with another person's device. And there lies the real issue. I will need different dongles -- a Lightning-to-headphone-jack and a USB-Type-C-to-headphone-jack to be prepared because I do carry both iPhone and Android phone on me daily. Dongles also get lost.

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Congress looks lovely in new 'Fantastic Beasts' trailer - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 19:49
We get our first decent look at the Magical Congress in the latest "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" trailer.

First 'Kong: Skull Island' trailer is chilling in the best way - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 19:44
Explosions, gun fights and tears break out on this "joyride."

Do We Need The Moto Z Smartphones' New Add-On Modules?

SlashDot - Sat, 2016-07-23 19:35
This week saw the release of the Moto Z Droid and Force Droid, new Android smartphones from Motorola and Lenovo with snap-on modules. Slashdot reader MojoKid writes that the Z Force Droid "is sheathed behind Moto ShatterShield technology making it virtually indestructible." Motorola guarantees it not to crack or shatter if dropped... However, what's truly standout are Moto Mods, which are snap-on back-packs of sorts that add new features, like the JBL Speaker, Moto Insta-Projector and Incipio OffGrid Power Pack (2220 mAh) mods... Even the fairly complex projector mod fires up in seconds and works really well. But the Verge has called it "a good phone headed down the wrong path," adding "this company is competing in the global smartphone market, not a high school science fair, and its success will depend on presenting better value than the competition, not cleverer design. Without the benefit of the value-projecting fairy dust of brands like Apple and Beats, Lenovo will have an uphill climb trying to justify its Moto Mods pricing with functionality and looks, and our review has shown that none of the company's extras are essential."

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Star Trek unveils the U.S.S. Discovery at its 50th anniversary Comic-Con panel - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 18:39
The next voyage in the Star Trek universe with showrunner Bryan Fuller will feature the new ship as the title of the 2017 CBS series is revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Turn Your Android Phone Into a Laptop For $99 With the Superbook

SlashDot - Sat, 2016-07-23 18:35
An anonymous Slashdot reader writes: A company called Andromium is attempting to harness the processing power of your Android smartphone and turn it into a full fledged computer. The 'Superbook' consists of a 11.6-inch laptop shell, which you connect to your phone via a USB Micro-B or Type-C cable, and run the Andromium OS application (currently in beta, but available in the Play Store)... The leader of the project and Company co-founder Gordon Zheng, previously worked at Google and pitched the idea to them... They refused so he quit his job and founded Andromium Inc. In December 2014 the company had introduced their first product which was a dock which used the MHL standard to output to external monitor. That campaign failed, however their newest creation, the Superbook smashed their Kickstarter goal in just over 20 minutes. And within their first 38 hours, they'd crowdfunded $500,000. In an intriguing side note, Andromium "says it'll open its SDK so developers can tailor their apps for Andromium, too, though how much support that gets remains to be seen," reports Tech Insider. But more importantly, "Andromium says its prototypes are finished, and that it hopes to ship the Superbook to backers by February 2017."

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'High-Risk Vulnerabilities' In Oracle File-Processing SDKs Affect Major Third-Party Products

SlashDot - Sat, 2016-07-23 17:35
itwbennett writes: "Seventeen high-risk vulnerabilities out of the 276 flaws fixed by Oracle Tuesday affect products from third-party software vendors," writes Lucian Constantin on CSOonline. The vulnerabilities, which were found by researchers from Cisco's Talos team, are in the Oracle Outside In Technology (OIT), a collection of SDKs that are used in third-party products, including Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, IBM WebSphere Portal, Google Search Appliance, Avira AntiVir for Exchange, Raytheon SureView, Guidance Encase and Veritas Enterprise Vault. "It's not clear how many of those products are also affected by the newly patched seventeen flaws, because some of them might not use all of the vulnerable SDKs or might include other limiting factors," writes Constantin. But the Cisco researchers confirmed that Microsoft Exchange servers (version 2013 and earlier) are affected if they have WebReady Document Viewing enabled. In a blog post the researchers describe how an attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities. TL;DR version: "Attackers can exploit the flaws to execute rogue code on systems by sending specifically crafted content to applications using the vulnerable OIT SDKs."

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'Legends of the Hidden Temple' television movie trailer debuts at SDCC 2016 - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2016-07-23 17:24
Nickelodeon's 90's game show turned television movie features all kinds of re-imagined nods to its source material: including scary temple guards, the Steps of Knowledge and the infamously difficult Shrine of the Silver Monkey.