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Monkeypox Explained: Transmission, Symptoms, Vaccines and Treatment

Scientifc America - 5 hours 49 min ago

Frequently asked questions about how monkeypox spreads, who’s most at risk, and what vaccines and treatments are available

AI Can Help Indigenous People Protect Biodiversity

Scientifc America - 6 hours 34 min ago

Loss of wild species has reached a crisis level.  Artificial intelligence can help, but only if Indigenous partners have secure land rights

De-extinction Company Aims to Resurrect the Tasmanian Tiger

Scientifc America - Tue, 2022-08-16 08:00

The scientists who want to bring back mammoths now hope to revive the marsupial carnivore thylacine

Replacing Lead Water Pipes with Plastic Could Raise New Safety Issues

Scientifc America - Tue, 2022-08-16 06:45

Industry-related groups say plastic is a safe material to replace lead pipes, but some researchers and health advocates are not so sure

NASA's UFO Study Isn't Really Looking for Space Aliens

Scientifc America - Mon, 2022-08-15 06:45

A new investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena could have bigger impacts on atmospheric science than on astrobiology

Here's How Some Species Will Survive Climate Change

Scientifc America - Mon, 2022-08-15 06:00

Hybridization isn’t as rare as you think, and it’s a tactic some animals can use to weather global warming

Telehealth Is Key to Trans Health Care

Scientifc America - Fri, 2022-08-12 07:30

Offering mental health services across state lines can aid children and families struggling to find gender-affirming services

Newfound Molecular Switch Signals a Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down in the Mouse Brain

Scientifc America - Fri, 2022-08-12 06:45

This molecule tells the brain whether to put a positive or negative spin on events. Mental disorders may result when the up/down labeling goes awry.

Why Thinking Hard Wears You Out

Scientifc America - Thu, 2022-08-11 14:10

Concentrating for long periods builds up chemicals that disrupt brain functioning.

If T. Rex's Beady-Eyed Glare Terrifies You, It Should

Scientifc America - Thu, 2022-08-11 12:15

Top-predator dinosaurs of the Cretaceous may have traded big eyes for a bigger bite

How to Recognize Heat Illness and Stay Cool during Extreme Weather

Scientifc America - Thu, 2022-08-11 12:00

Scientists and medical experts weigh in on how to recognize the signs of heat-related illness and avoid the worst health impacts from increasingly intense heat waves

When Students Acquire Spatial Skills, Their Verbal Abilities Get a Boost

Scientifc America - Wed, 2022-08-10 14:35

Learning to visualize objects might improve thinking in words, a finding that could enhance teaching methods

Cultural Bias Distorts the Search for Alien Life

Scientifc America - Wed, 2022-08-10 11:00

“Decolonizing” the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) could boost its chances of success, says science historian Rebecca Charbonneau

How Scientists Revived Dead Pigs' Organs, and What the Feat Means for Transplants

Scientifc America - Wed, 2022-08-10 06:45

A whole-body perfusion system restored cellular activity in pigs an hour postmortem

Spiders Seem to Have REM-like Sleep and May Even Dream

Scientifc America - Mon, 2022-08-08 15:10

Jumping spiders have REM-like twitches when they sleep, suggesting dreams may be much more widespread in the animal kingdom than previously realized

What Is Paxlovid Rebound, and How Common Is It?

Scientifc America - Mon, 2022-08-08 14:00

President Biden is part of a minority of people who have experienced Paxlovid rebound, but experts say the drug should still be prescribed for those who need it

Nearly $53 Billion in Federal Funding Could Revive the U.S. Computer Chip Industry

Scientifc America - Mon, 2022-08-08 11:05

The CHIPS and Science Act aims to support domestic semiconductor production, new high-tech jobs and scientific research—even NASA

The Robocalls Problem Is So Bad That the FCC Actually Did Something

Scientifc America - Fri, 2022-08-05 06:45

A cybersecurity expert explains how we might learn to trust our phones again

Extinction Risk May Be Much Worse Than Current Estimates

Scientifc America - Thu, 2022-08-04 11:00

A machine-learning algorithm predicts that more than half of the thousands of species whose conservation status has yet to be assessed are probably in danger of disappearing for good

Planetary Debris Disks Discovered with Citizen Scientists and Virtual Reality

Scientifc America - Thu, 2022-08-04 09:00

Members of the public are helping professional astronomers identify nascent planetary systems