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Step-by-step guide to upgrading your Roku TV remote - CNET

CNET News - Sun, 2019-06-23 07:00
Upgrading your Roku TV remote is a fairly straightforward process. Here's how.

Recommended Reading: Facebook moderator PTSD

Engadget - Sun, 2019-06-23 07:00
Bodies in seats Casey Newton, The Verge The job of moderating toxic content on social media is a daunting task. It also takes a massive psychological toll on those doing it. The Verge has first-hand accounts from the worst-performing Facebook mode...

India tells scooter makers to prepare for a switch to EVs

Engadget - Sun, 2019-06-23 02:19
Indian scooter and motorcycle manufacturers have to draw up a plan to switch to electric vehicles, and they only have two weeks to come up with one. According to Reuters, Indian officials have met up with the companies, including Bajaj Auto and Hero...

Steam will stop supporting Ubuntu Linux over 32-bit compatibility

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 22:03
If you're a Linux gamer who prefers Ubuntu, you might want to look for another distribution in the near future. Valve is dropping official support for Ubuntu in Steam as of the operating system's upcoming 19.10 release, which will cut 32-bit x86 com...

Walmart uses AI camera tech to track checkout theft at 1,000 stores

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 20:26
Walmart's early use of AI at its stores isn't just for the sake of convenience. The retailer has confirmed to Business Insider that it's using camera-based computer vision tech to deter theft and losses at its checkouts (including self-checkouts) in...

US cyberattack reportedly knocked out Iran missile control systems

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 19:04
The US may have withheld a physical military response to Iran shooting down a drone, but it might not have shown similar restraint with a digital campaign. Washington Post sources say the President greenlit a long-in-the-making cyberattack that took...

Korg made a golf putting board with built-in metronome

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 17:48
Japanese company Korg doesn't just make your typical synths, tuners and various electronic musical instruments: it also offers some pretty specialized and unusual devices. It has a line of in-ear metronomes that can help you dance or play golf better...

US hits Iran with crippling cyberattacks, says a report - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2019-06-22 16:27
The cyberattacks took down Iranian computer networks used to control missile launches, says The Washington Post.

'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' rolls out to 25 more countries

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 16:26
If you were disappointed at being left out of the initial Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launch, don't worry -- there's a good chance you can play now. Niantic's augmented reality sorcery is now available on Android and iOS in 25 more countries. This...

Our AT&T 5G speed test yields the craziest speeds yet - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2019-06-22 15:20
At the AT&T Shape conference in LA we get a taste of blazing 5G speeds. The confab also promises a glimpse of how you'd actually use the technology.

Curiosity rover finds gas levels on Mars hinting at possibility of life

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 15:10
It's easy to get jaded about potential signs of life on Mars, but a recent discovery might raise eyebrows. The New York Times has learned that NASA's Curiosity rover has detected "startlingly high" levels of methane -- the gas typically produced by l...

Windows 10's redesigned Terminal is available in preview

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 13:54
It's a good time to be a Windows power user. Microsoft has released a preview version of Windows 10's redesigned Terminal (known as just Windows Terminal) through its app store, giving you a considerably more powerful command line tool. You can run...

Watch Games Done Quick's summer charity event starting June 23rd

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 12:28
If you're hoping to immerse yourself in video games now that summer has officially reached the northern hemisphere, you're in luck. Games Done Quick is kicking off its annual summer charity livestream (below) on June 23rd at 12:30PM ET, and you can e...

This 'true' home theater fulfilled a childhood dream for this Illinois man - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2019-06-22 11:00
In this Show Us Yours, we get a look at what one CNET reader did to turn his home-theater dream into reality with not much money.

JBL’s mighty little tower speaker is a keeper - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2019-06-22 09:57
Don’t misjudge JBL’s Stage A 170 by its plain vanilla looks, it’s a little powerhouse!

This digital converter sounds so good it might 'convert' LP-loving audiophiles - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2019-06-22 09:47
Denafrips may be a funny-sounding name for an audiophile electronics company, but its Ares digital converter’s sound is seriously great!

The Morning After: The problem with the PlayStation Classic

Engadget - Sat, 2019-06-22 09:45
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your weekend! We'll recap a few highlight stories from the last week, plus some new items like our thoughts on Google getting out of the tablet business and a hands-on test of Tesla's latest in-car ga...

2020 iPhone could go bigger -- and smaller -- than before - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2019-06-22 09:00
The iPhone 2020 Max screen could get a sizable upgrade, while the regular iPhone screen might lose some headroom.

FCC commissioner wants Huawei gear out of US networks - CNET

CNET News - Sat, 2019-06-22 08:00
Democrat Geoffrey Starks says the US government should replace risky Chinese telecommunications gear and fund rural carriers as part of the effort.

Ford Explorer, farewell to a fallen friend and more: Roadshow's week in review - Roadshow

CNET News - Sat, 2019-06-22 08:00
Here's what you missed for the week ending June 22, 2019.