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CNET UK podcast 533: The year that was 2017 - CNET

CNET News - 29 min 48 sec ago
Andrew Hoyle is joined by Rich Trenholm and Nate Lanxon to sum up the year that was 2017 in tech.

Uber Eats offers insurance for its European couriers

Engadget - 2 hours 57 min ago
Uber Eats only just turned two years old, but like other "gig economy" businesses, it's facing scrutiny over how it classifies workers. In Europe, the company is partnering with Axa to offer couriers an insurance package that covers accidents, hospit...

'PUBG' tests a replay feature as it creeps toward v1.0

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 23:58
Now that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has launched in Early Access on Xbox One, its next milestone is an official retail release out of beta on the PC. That's expected to happen next week, but players who can't wait have a few new tweaks to try out...

Researchers use sperm to deliver cancer drugs to tumors

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 22:42
Chemotherapy has a lot of terrible side effects and that's partly because the drugs being used to fight cancer also attack healthy cells. Figuring out a way to deliver drugs to tumors without affecting healthy tissue is a challenge and a problem that...

What to play this weekend: Okami HD, PUBG and Oddworld - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2017-12-15 20:59
Plus, discounts on almost every Star Wars PC game ever made.

'Jacobs letter' unsealed, accuses Uber of spying, hacking

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 20:33
Waymo's lawsuit against Uber for allegedly stealing technology for self-driving cars hasn't gone to trial yet, because the judge received a letter from the Department of Justice suggesting Uber withheld crucial evidence. That letter, with some redact...

'L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files' is available now for HTC Vive

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 20:27
We were excited to hear that 2011 detective simulator L.A. Noire was headed to modern consoles and the HTC Vive for some VR action. The title received some visual upgrades, too, making the jump to PS4, Xbox One and the Switch a bit more graphically a...

Waymo v. Uber: Letter exposes depths of alleged espionage - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2017-12-15 19:47
Even though it's filled with redactions, the "Jacobs letter" still gives a glimpse into allegations of Uber's "illegal intelligence gathering."

Google Inbox will remind you to unsubscribe from unread promo emails

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 18:56
Google has made email a much less tedious, junky affair for a lot of us, and it's about to take another step to helping us clean out our inboxes. According to a report over at Android Police, users of Google's Inbox app will start seeing new tips tha...

Set sea with your pals in a new ‘Adventure Time’ game

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 17:47
A new Adventure Time game is in the works and it features some maritime fun, a nameable boat and pirates. Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion begins with a flooded Land of Ooo and Adventure Time characters have to set off to figure out what's...

Google ends Tango support to fully focus on ARCore

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 17:16
Google began delving into the world of AR with its 2014 venture Project Tango, or just Tango as of last year, and its AR work has grown quite a bit since then. Earlier this year, it unveiled ARCore, an augmented reality platform that differs from Tan...

Security robot loses its job after vandalism, threats - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2017-12-15 17:15
A San Francisco animal shelter fired a Knightscope security robot after a fracas over its role with nearby homeless.

Google Chrome beta delivers mute tool for autoplay videos

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 17:01
Months ago, a blog post by the good developers of Chrome let its users know that come January, users would be free of audio from autoplaying videos. As far as we know, those upgrades is still on track to arrive in early 2018 for all users, but you ca...

Ford finds the future of driving in Detroit - Roadshow

CNET News - Fri, 2017-12-15 16:41
Ford is setting its EV and autonomous vehicle teams up in Detroit's hippest neighborhood.

iTunes isn't coming to the Windows Store this year after all

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 16:41
iTunes for Windows users are going to be disappointed. Despite the promises of both Apple and Microsoft to bring the popular music and app software to the Microsoft Store this year, it appears as if we'll all have to wait a little longer.

Report: Samsung and LG will show off new phones at CES - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2017-12-15 16:24
Samsung's budget Galaxy A8 for 2018 and A8+ are said to make an appearance.

ZF's concept steering wheel integrates gesture control - Roadshow

CNET News - Fri, 2017-12-15 16:23
The German firm sees a future where touchscreens and capacitive sensors bring further functionality to your steering wheel.

Google Maps will now tell you when to get off the bus or train

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 16:20
A mass transit feature for the Android version of Google Maps that notifies you when you need to get off the bus is finally live. It also includes step-by-step navigation, departure times and ETAs for your next public transportation ride. You can als...

Apple Music's next exclusives come from Noel Gallagher and Sam Smith

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 15:59
Apple isn't slowing down on exclusives any time soon. It's releasing Apple Music-only concert films from two British superstars, Noel Gallagher and Sam Smith. Gallagher's Who Built the Moon Live recaptures an early November gig at London's York Hal...

Facebook tackles the question of whether social media is bad for us

Engadget - Fri, 2017-12-15 15:41
As part of its "Hard Questions" series, Facebook took on the question of whether social media is good or bad for us. Citing a handful of academic studies, some done by Facebook researchers, Facebook Director of Research David Ginsberg and research sc...