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Where are its manners? This extinct mammal sucked in its food

CNET News - 30 min 6 sec ago
Fossils of an extinct creature that looked like a cross between a hippo and a walrus show it didn't chew its food like most mammals. It probably also ate with its mouth open and never used a coaster.

HBO Go launching as a standalone streaming service in Latin America

Engadget - 32 min 49 sec ago
HBO's Go on-demand streaming service is set to launch in Latin America and the Caribbean as a standalone subscription product, the network revealed today. While HBO Go has been available in these areas for pay-TV subscribers, cord-cutters will soon...

Dell Brings 4K InfinityEdge Display To XPS 15 Line, GeForce GPU, Under 4 Pounds

SlashDot - 34 min 49 sec ago
MojoKid writes: There's no doubt that Dell's new XPS 13 notebook, when it debuted earlier this year, was very well received. Dell managed to cram a 13.3-inch 3200x1800 QHD+ display into a 12-inch carbon fiber composite frame. Dell has now brought that same InfinityEdge display technology to its larger XPS 15, which the company boasts has the same footprint as a 14-inch notebook. But Dell didn't just stay the course with the QHD+ resolution from the smaller XPS 13; the company instead is offering an optional UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD panel with 8 million pixels and 282 pixels per inch (PPI). The 350-nit display allows for 170-degree viewing angles and has 100 percent minimum Adobe RGB color. Dell also beefed up the XPS 15's internals, giving it sixth generation Intel Core processors (Skylake), support for up to 16GB of memory and storage options that top out with a 1TB SSD. Graphics duties are handled by either integrated Intel HD Graphics 530 or a powerful GeForce GTX 960M processor that is paired with 2GB GDDR5 memory. And all of this squeaks in at under 4 pounds.

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Instead of dislike, Facebook is testing 'Reactions' animated emoji

Engadget - 58 min 49 sec ago
Last night Engadget brought you a sneak peek at Facebook's new "Reactions" feature, and today the social network confirmed it's now in testing. Instead of the often-requested "dislike" to counter the existing Like button, founder Mark Zuckerberg ex...

Behind the 'Steve Jobs' movie controversy -- and magic

CNET News - 1 hour 4 min ago
Friends of the Apple co-founder are speaking out against the movie that bears his name. Learn what the movie's creators think about Jobs, and how actor Seth Rogen spent a day with Steve Wozniak at the Magic Castle.

Man Behind Week-Long Bitcoin Attacks Reveals Himself

SlashDot - 1 hour 16 min ago
An anonymous reader writes: A Russian man that calls himself "Alister Maclin" has been disrupting the Bitcoin network for over a week, creating duplicate transactions, and annoying users. According to Bitcoin experts, the attack was not dangerous and is the equivalent of "spam" on the Bitcoin blockchain servers, known in the industry as a "malleability attack," creating duplicate transactions, but not affecting Bitcoin funds. Maclin recently gave an interview to Vice.

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Apple Pay coming to Starbucks, KFC and Chili's in the next year

Engadget - 1 hour 22 min ago
In a sign that Apple Pay is gaining traction with even more retailers, VP of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey has just announced on stage at Code/Mobile a plan to roll out Apple Pay in Starbucks, KFC and Chili's locations across the country. You can expec...

'Psychic robot' predicts your intentions

CNET News - 1 hour 38 min ago
Didn't mean to knock that cup of coffee over on your desk? That's OK. Your robot overlord will understand -- and maybe even keep you from doing it in the first place.

Facebook Messenger For Apple Watch Officially Launches

TechCrunch - 1 hour 43 min ago
facebook-watch During Apple’s keynote in September, they announced that Facebook Messenger would be coming to the Apple Watch, as long as you’ve updated to watchOS 2. Well, it’s here. You can now share things like voice clips, likes and stickers from your Apple Watch. From my experience, little interactions like this are what works best on the Watch. I’ve found that as soon as I have… Read More

NASA finds that Pluto has blue skies and surface water ice

Engadget - 1 hour 44 min ago
Move over Mars, NASA's just confirmed that Pluto, everybody's favorite Kuiper belt object/celestial punching bag, not only has expansive fields of water ice on its surface but blue skies as well. Granted Pluto has neither the thick atmosphere nor g...

Apple Pay is coming to Starbucks, Apple exec says

CNET News - 1 hour 55 min ago
Jennifer Bailey, head of Apple Pay, said the coffee shop will start piloting the mobile payments service this year and roll it out to about 7,500 stores next year. And Apple Pay will hit KFC and Chili's.

Complex Living Brain Simulation Replicates Sensory Rat Behaviour

SlashDot - 1 hour 59 min ago
New submitter physick writes: The Blue Brain project at EPFL, Switzerland today published the results of more than 10 years work in reconstructing a cellular model of a piece of the somatosensory cortex of a juvenile rat. The paper in Cell describes the process of painstakingly assembling tens of thousands of digital neurons, establishing the location of their synapses, and simulating the resulting neocortical microcircuit on an IBM Blue Gene supercomputer. “This is a first draft reconstruction of a piece of neocortex and it’s beautiful,” said Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain Project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. “It’s like a fundamental building block of the brain.”

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Playdate: Revisiting 'Uncharted' in 'The Nathan Drake Collection'

Engadget - 2 hours 1 min ago
PlayStation doesn't have an official mascot character, but if it did, developer Naughty Dog's Nathan Drake would probably fit the bill. Much like Microsoft did last year with Halo: The Master Chief Collection to get fans ready for Halo 5: Guardians...

There are blue skies on Pluto, NASA says

CNET News - 2 hours 9 min ago
The first images of Pluto's atmospheric hazes sent back by the New Horizons spacecraft show that mornings there might not be so different from Earth -- in at least one way.

iPhone 6s battery life may vary slightly depending who made the processor

Engadget - 2 hours 9 min ago
A few days ago, it was revealed that the A9 chip in Apple's new iPhone 6s is manufactured by two different companies, Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC). More notably, reports started circulating that the battery life in the S...

We hear you: Readers want to see smart security systems, blinds in the CNET Smart Home

CNET News - 2 hours 10 min ago
We asked our Twitter followers what smart-home technology we should test next in the CNET Smart Home. Your No. 1 priority: Keeping a smart home secure.

The PS4 universal remote hits stores later this month

Engadget - 2 hours 26 min ago
Sony America announced on Thursday that the wait for its PS4 universal remote is nearly over. The much-anticipated accessory is set to go on sale for $30 "later this month," according to a company post. The remote will serve to replace the DualShoc...

How Analog Tide Predictors Changed Human History

SlashDot - 2 hours 41 min ago
szczys writes: You'd think Tide prediction would be quite easy, it comes in, it goes out. But of course it's driven by gravity between the moon and earth and there's a lot more to it. Today, computer models make this easy, but before computers we used incredible analog machines to predict the tides. The best of these machines were the deciding factor in setting a date for the Allies landing in Europe leading to the end of the second world war. From the Hackaday story: "In England, tide prediction was handled by Arthur Thomas Doodson from the Liverpool Tidal Institute. It was Doodson who made the tidal predictions for the Allied invasion at Normandy. Doodson needed access to local tide data, but the British only had information for the nearby ports. Factors like the shallow water effect and local weather impact on tidal behavior made it impossible to interpolate for the landing sites based on the port data. The shallow water effect could really throw off the schedule for demolishing the obstacles if the tide rose too quickly. Secret British reconnaissance teams covertly collected shallow water data at the enemy beaches and sent it to Doodson for analysis. To further complicate things, the operatives couldn’t just tell Doodson that the invasion was planned for the beaches of Normandy. So he had to figure it out from the harmonic constants sent to him by William Ian Farquharson, superintendent of tides at the Hydrographic Office of the Royal Navy. He did so using the third iteration of Kelvin’s predictor along with another machine. These were kept in separate rooms lest they be taken out by the same bomb.

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Uber hit with lawsuit over alleged sexual assaults

CNET News - 2 hours 42 min ago
The ride-hailing company is being sued after two women allege they were sexually assaulted by Uber drivers. The plaintiffs say Uber needs to do more to keep passengers safe.

Apple responds to iPhone chip concern, says there's minimal battery difference

CNET News - 2 hours 47 min ago
Addressing questions about the different processors used in the new iPhones, Apple says the battery life of its devices vary by only 2 to 3 percent.