About Bil Herd

Bil Herd is a long time electronics hobbyist, engineer, and entrepreneur. Bil was self taught in an age before the Internet which required large amounts of research and study from every source (still has over 800 books) he could find and became licensed as a TV and CB repairman at the age of 17. By the age of 24 Bil had risen to the position of Senior Hardware Design Engineer at Commodore Business Machines, the creators of the most popular computer ever made, the Commodore 64. During his time at CBM, Bil designed the Commodore C128 and was lead engineer on the Plus4/264/116/C16 series of computers and did the initial architecture for the Commodore LCD machine which sadly did not see production.

To contact Bil Herd you can email directly at bherd_at_c128.com.. We try and respnd to all emails, if we don't answer please try again!

Bil currently produces education videos for Hackaday.com, the posts are at https://hackaday.com/author/williamherd/ and the Youtube channel can be seen at Bil Herd's Hackaday Originals.

Need some extreme engineering?  Catch Herd and his band of cohorts at www.mercury-cg.com and the upcoming website featuring new designs centered around FPGA and educational kits at www.Herdware.com Please feel free to register here to receive email updates and general retro-news.

For those that knew Bil Herd in the old days you may notice that Mother Nature has
played a little joke on him with regard to hair style as seen in the video.
  I didn't always have short hair as seen by the thumbs below, and yes we wore our shorts shorter back then:

large_Bil Herd Dave Diorio.jpg              large_Bil Herd CBM Xmas Party.jpg             

The guy on the left is Dave DiOrio who was a co-designer on the TED chip and headed up the chip design on the
C128 and lots of other stuff. Even at a party I can guarantee you that we are talking shop. Dave passed away surrounded by his loving family in 2018.  I miss him.