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1902 and horizontal collapse :(

I have a 1902 (not A) monitor.  It was beautiful:  it displayed nice bright crisp, sharp images.  Then one day I heard a SNAP! and then nothing but a bright vertical line.

Now I've seen many topics from various sources about how to fix vertical collapse (where you have noghting but a bright horizontal line), but not very much on how to fix horizontal collapse with a bright vertical line.  From what I've read, the methods of repairing these issues vary greatly from one another.

Now I've searched everywhere within a 300 mile radius and it seems that nobody repairs CRTs anymore, so I feel compelled to repair it myself.  Does anyone know how to fix this issue and can offer me some guidance/advice as to how to do it without killing myself?  (Mind you, should that happen I would no longer require the repair lol)

I have since purchased a scan doubler system (bit-c128 plus Gonbez GBS8200) to convert the RGBI to VGA, but I'm not happy with the results:  the image isn't the sharpest and there is much annoying interference lines in the background when it's not black (blue background is worst).


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Sounds like you lost your
I appreciate your reply to

I appreciate your reply to this! :)

Do you know your stuff or what!  Yes!  I do indeed hear that whine!  (aside from my own whining because of it being broken)

On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being most comfortable, I am at -5 with my being comfortable with working with 20,000V--it scares me to death!  (Well if the voltage doesn't get me, maybe my fear of working with it will)  That said, you've hit the nail on the head with my issue:  I can't find anyone anywhere nearby who works with/knows how to work with CRTs.

That said, I am going to have a go at it, but watch as many precautionary YouTube videos as I can, get an Electronics Whiz-to-English dictionary, decipher what you wrote above, find the schematics, and give it a whirl.  That being said, do you think the drive, predriver, and yoke are repairable/reseatable or do you think they must be replaced?  I hope what has to be done can be done with a soldering iron, some patience, caution, and a steady hand.

Thank you!

I don't know the cost of a
You are absolutely correct: 

You are absolutely correct:  a bright vertical bar from top to bottom centered on the screen.

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