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128DCR and 1581 Power Supply

I have a 1581 mounted internally on my 128DCR, but I just passed the external 1581 power supply through to it.  The drive install looks decent, but the power situation is as messy as you might imagine.
I would prefer to replace the 128DCR power supply with something strong enough to power both.
From what I've found online, I need:

  • 1581: GND, 5V DC 1A, 12V DC 0.5A
  • 128DCR: GND, 5V DC 4.5A, 12V DC 1.2A, 9V AC .55A

I think I've found enough "stuff" on Amazon to make up a Frankenstein-esque unit, but I wanted to ask the kind and knowledgable folks on here if there are any better options.
I have a Small Form-factor PC power supply that gives enough 12V amperage for both and enough 5V amperage to accomodate the 1581.  I also have a 120VAC "wall wart" that outputs 9VAC 1500mA, so it should be enough.  So I need more 5V amperage.  I'm thinking a 12V to 5V 5A buck convertor to provide the rest of the 5V needs?
Anyway, any adivce would be appreciated.  I'll post pictures and a write-up of all this when it's done.

Mean Well PD-65A AC-DC Dual

Mean Well PD-65A AC-DC Dual output Open frame Power supply; Output 5Vdc at 7A +12Vdc at 3.2A
Mean Well RD-65A AC-DC Dual output enclosed power supply; Output 5Vdc at 8A +12Vdc at 4A
And a transformer to supply 9VAC
I have used a Mean Well PD-65A and a transformer which supplies 9VAC to replace a faulty 128DCR power supply

Wow, that's perfect.  Thanks!

Wow, that's perfect.  Thanks!  I guess I was so locked into using the PC power supply in the build that I didn't think to look for the right part.
Thanks again,

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